Route & waypoints updates – spring 2023

For the last couple of weeks we have been working on waypoints & route updates in FarOut mobile & web apps and now we can finally announce the changes 🙂

Thanks to feedback from the hikers, in addition to minor modifications to existing waypoints, we added 147 new waypoints.

  • section A – 16 new waypoints
  • section B – 70 new waypoints
  • section C – 61 new waypoints

Due to route changes 63 waypoints were deprecated, mostly at the end of section A and start of section B, with some in the middle of section C as well.

This round of updates brings us to a total of 841 waypoints in the app and with your continuous support we plan to have 1000 waypoints by the start of next hiking season!

There were also some route changes so make sure to update your application! Most route changes concern end of section A where we moved the trail a bit more from the roads, and start of section B (until hikers arrive at Ravna Gora mountain) where we also modified the route to have less roads and more local trails. Section C has some minor touchups in the Dinara and Omiška Dinara mountains areas.

Long story short – please go ahead and update the FarOut Guides mobile app by opening the app and going to Download manager where you can tap the “Check for updates” button which will update the waypoints inside the app.

If you are on the trail now and are hesitant to update the app we suggest you get to a camping spot and update the app to study the changes when you are done with your stretch that day.

If you are experiencing problems with updating the app we suggest you visit the FAQ section on FarOut Guides’ website.

As CLDT is trail in the making there are bound to be some kinks here and there so if you encounter some troubles on the trail please contact us and make a note of that in the application by adding a comment on existing waypoint or by creating a new one. Your feedback and comments in the app are what allow us to keep improving the trail experience for all of us. Find out more about how you can help us improve the trail.

Happy trails from the CLDT team!

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