Croatian Long Distance Trail Association

We are Croatian Long Distance Trail Association and efforts to create, build, mark and keep alive the Croatian Long Distance Trail is the essence of our existence as an association. Although coming from different parts of Croatia, we are tied together with a common string that resonates our beings – love towards mountains, nature, hiking and staying in utmost beauty for which each of us is wandering for decades through vastness of our beautiful planet Earth.


Now we are focusing on a relatively small area of Croatia, and we are putting our efforts together into something that will become a pledge for future generations – for generations already in peril of losing wilderness forever – Croatian Long Distance Trail – over 2.300km long uninterrupted mountain-hiking trail.

First and basic thing in creation of a long distance trail are people – core of high motivated, capable, skilled individuals, possessing certain knowledge: mountaineering, information technology and organizational, with emphasis on team work. Luckily, Croatian Long Distance Trail has exactly such individuals in its core.

Our members

Theology Master and first Croatian thru hiker who hiked the famous Pacific Crest Trail in 2016 thus becoming the first Croat who managed to “kick-it”.

nikola horvat

Association president

Entrepreneur, owner of publicity agency Lakota Ltd. Advantage: age and experience. Admirer of nature and open space. A man from shadow, back-supporter with a long experience in organizing state and European sport events and tournaments. Believer – believes in idea of CLDT.

tihomir klement

Mountaineer for years, and a very good connoisseur of Croatian Mountain regions. Specialized in building and maintenance of mountain trails, leader of Samobor Scout Trail and licensed trail marker of Croatian Mountaineering Association.

boris davčev bimbo

Baccalaureate in radiology technology, Nature admirer ultra trail distance runner. Patron of “Leave no trace” philosophy.

milan gržan

Member of informal designer and art collectives focused on independent film, video and art production. Associate on numerous projects in cultural and social scene. Likes to wander off to woods or go biking after work.

monika džakić


Fireman and a cook – admirer of American hiking and staying in nature nature concept, especially in trail angel and trail magic philosophy, and selfless helping and supporting hikers on their path.

miroslav horvat


Educator, mother of three, nature admirer and ecological values activist, occasional painter, currently fascinated by the beauty of Kalnik mountain.

kristina kirin


Professional fireman of Public Fire Station Vinkovci, member of Croatian Mountain Rescue Association in Vinkovci and longtime mountaineer. Collected entire Croatian mountain stamp booklet, and some others. For mountains and mountaineers – anything, anywhere, anytime…

igor nađ

matija culjak