CLDT trail

What is CLDT?

CLDT is short for Croatian Long Distance Trail. CLDT is national, scenic, long distance hiking trail which connects easternmost (Ilok), northenmost (Sveti Martin na Muri), westernmost (Savudrija) and southernmost (Prevlaka) points of Croatia, and is 2109 km long.

Croatian Long Distance Trail is the result of the work of the Croatian Long Distance Trail Association, which was founded out of a desire to make the first such trail in this part of Europe, modeled by the world’s long distance trails.

Section A (576 km)

Subsection A1 (245 km)

This subsection is 245 km long and it passes through Slavonija and Baranja. Although it does not abound in clean water sources for hikes, it is often found in villages and towns, so water is available in households and shops. There are many cultivated fields so one often walks by the fields. Young crops of wheat, rapeseed or flax can be a very photogenic sight, but in such areas it is a little harder to find a good bivouac spot. There are often villages and towns between the cities and settlements, which sometimes have shops that will come in handy for refreshments like cold juice, beer, ice cream or a sandwich. Let these shops be surprises, it is not good to know every detail of the trip. These villages will also be a good place for water supply. People are usually cordial and will gladly give you water if you ask them politely.

Subsection A2 (94,5 km)

It stretches from Našice to near Daruvar, all the way across the famed Papuk Mountain. There are no towns and villages on this route, CLDT passes only along the mountain hut Jankovac and the weekend village of Novo Zvečevo. Accommodation in Jankovac is possible (you need to call beforehand), as well as refreshments with food and drinks. Just be careful, if you are coming for the weekend you should make a reservation if you plan to sleep there. Also, the city of Daruvar is off-route, that is, not on the route, so transporting up to 8 km distant Daruvar could be a problem if you do not want to walk an hour and a half in one direction.

Subsection A3 (236,5 km)

236.5 km long, this section passes through Bilogora, Kalnik, and along Dubrava Lake near Prelog. Apart from the larger towns and cities, the route often passes through villages where one can also find a shop. It is not good to rely on smaller shops because they often do not have a good range of goods that would be good for walkers, but will be good for a sandwich on the go. Hikers should have in mind that in this section the town of Koprivnica is located 7 km off-trail, that is, it is not on the route but it is necessary to hitchhike or walk to the city.

Section B (565,5 km)

Subsection B1 (179 km)

This is one of the most populated subsections, but nevertheless it passes through Ravna Gora, Strahinjčica, Ivanščica and a good part of Medvednica, where Sljeme is near the end of the subsection. Walking this part of the CLDT hikers shouldn’t have any problems except maybe finding convenient camping spots on a handful of locations.

Subsection B2 (278 km)

Starts at Sljeme where it goes down and passes Zagreb through the village of Podsused. CLDT is the only trail in the world to cross the capital of a country. After a bit of urban interference, the trail crosses Samobor into the Samobor Highlands, then Žumberak, and then into Gorski Kotar – the green tunnel number two of CLDT.

Subsection B3 (108,5 km)

After Klana, trail geographically quickly enters Istria. In this part of Istria, CLDT uses the Istrian Mountaineering Trail and parts of Parenzana. It is quite hilly and intersected with picturesque villages.

Section C

Subsection C1 (322,5 km)

Another section of Istria is included in this subsection, which is also breathtaking and from there one enters Kvarner via Učka. This is another pretty crowded part of the trail, especially after Savudrija where the trail goes along the Adriatic coast and around Matulji, but things change as soon as the trail winds back to Gorski Kotar. The subsection ends with an overture to Velebit, that is, the arrival to Zavižan where CLDT’s mountain adventure begins.

Subsection C2 (227 km)

This is mainly a mountainous section and extends from Zavižan to Dinara. In this subsection hikers passes through two national parks (Northern Velebit and Paklenica) and this is a guarantee of the quality of this part of CLDT. The mountains also bring a challenge in the form of a more difficult food supply, but also more remote areas that will satisfy our quest for solitude and self-reflection.

Subsection C3 (418 km)

In this subsection there are the mountains of Svilaja, Mosor, Omiška Dinara and Biokovo, and it passes through the Pelješac peninsula, which leads the hiker to Srđ above Dubrovnik, from where the road goes through the unreal Konavle region. One of the favorite subsections, it guarantees attractiveness, but depending on the season also extremes temperatures.