My CLDT story

Croatian Long Distance trail is a brand new story that we are starting from scratch. If you have a story from the trail that you want to share with the rest of us be sure to contact us and we’ll publish your it right here on our blog and social media channels 🙂

Social media

We’ll be honest – we don’t really spend much time on our social media channels (even though we should :)) but instead focus on making the trail better and safer for all our fellow hikers. Even so, help us out and hit that like/subscribe button because our Facebook and Instagram pages are the fastest way to receive notifications and updates regarding news from the trail and what we’ve been up to.




Hikers list

Although small, the list below depicts hikers who managed to successfully thru hike the trail or finish one or more sections. In the future we plan to have a better visualization of the trail statistics but for now this will do.

If you are out there enjoying what CLDT has to offer do tell us so we can include you on the list 🙂


  • Krysta Norwick (thru hiker) – Instagram | YouTube
  • Michael Zidanic (section hiker) – section A
  • Alex Marshall (section hiker) – section A
  • Simon Wood (section hiker) – section A
  • Michelle Evans (section hiker) – section A
  • Klaas Goethals (section hiker) – section C


  • Marcus Persson (thru hiker) – Instagram
  • Alen Kozić (thru hiker) & Blacky, first doggo to complete the CLDT! – FacebookInstagram | YouTube
  • Agnieszka Dziadek “Zebra” (thru hiker) – female FKT (Fastest Known Time) – 64 days 8 hours and 34 minutes! – Instagram | YouTube
  • Carl Gale – both male & overall FKT (Fastest Known Time) – 57 days, 8 hours, 6 mins and 43 seconds – Instagram | Facebook
  • Branko KraÅ¡evac “KraÅ¡” (section hiker) – sections A & B
  • Jesper Sundstrand (section hiker) – sections A & B




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