CLDT Section B

Sveti Martin na Muri – Savudrija

~565,5 KM | ~9,2 KM D+ | ~24 DAYS

From the northernmost point the hiking route turns south and through Međimurje, next to Čakovec – the town of the Zrinskis, it goes to Varaždin from where it goes over Ravna Gora to the Trakošćan castle and down the magical Zagorje region it arrives at Strahinjčica, and then also Ivanščica – two Zagorje mountains which dominate this region and show all the lush greenery of this splendid region. By descending, hikers will experience the widely known winegrowing hills which will take them to Medvednica – the Zagreb paradise, and its peak – Sljeme. This part is moderately demanding, yet the fact that a hiker can take a break at frequent settlements along the way makes it easier. An average hiker can walk this part of section B in a week.

CLDT Section B

Apart from Zagreb, which hikers can reach by bus and then find out why it is the capital city of Croatia, by descending from Medvednica they will find themselves in picturesque Samobor and maybe try the Samobor “greblica” (thin savoury cake) or the widely-known “kremšnita” (cream cake). There is not much to say about the beauty of Samobor Hills and Žumberak because the mountains and untouched forests speak for themselves. From Žumberak hikers enter Gorski Kotar through Severin na Kupi, where they will enjoy the thick forests, the multitude of wild animals and local food. Some fortunate hiker might encounter an even more attractive animal. Also in this section is the first of three national parks – the Risnjak National Park. The many forests and the shade of this section will make it easy during the summer heat, however, the enviable altitude will make a hiker sweat considerably. The average hiker will walk this part of section B in 12 days.

Istria is also attractive by car. Walking through it evokes a special feeling. The trail goes down the Istrian mountain route all the way to the westernmost point of the Republic of Croatia – Savudrija where hikers will meet the sea for the first time. This trail is maybe not so demanding in a fitness sense, but it does present a great challenge due to the heat. In contrast to Papuk, it might be better to come here in spring, not to walk the whole trail in one go. The average hiker will master this last part of section B in four days.

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