What Croatian Long Distance Trail?

CLDT is national, scenic long distance trail meant to be thru-hiked or hiked in sections. It spans throughout whole Croatia, from easternmost point, northernmost & westernmost point, all the way to the southernmost point of Croatia.


How long is the CLDT?

CLDT  is approximately 2109 km long but we wont know the exact numbers until first thru hikers hike it and record the trail with their GPS devices.


Where’s the starting point of CLDT?

It depends. CLDT has two starting points, or maybe four! It all depends on hikers personal preferences, from where they will start their journey. Hikers can start from east, on the Liska hill, which is located on the border with Serbia, right next to Ilok – or they can start from Prevlaka near Dubrovnik, which is the southernmost point of Croatia. Also, hikers can start from westernmost point of Croatia and go southbound then transport to easternmost point and hike from there to northernmost point and from there all the way until westernmost point. There are plenty of combinations


Who is it for?

Everybody who feels invited to spend few months hiking through Croatia. Poor fitness, missing knowledge regarding camping  and staying in nature, excessive weight, lack of equipment or fear are not good reasons to say no to this adventure! This trail was not made for superwomen and spider-mans! It can be hiked by mountaineers, veterans, students, families with kids, single mothers, single fathers, politicians, people that got that job because they had somebody on the inside, criminals, cops, web designers, IT specialists, economists, waiters, athletes, foreigners, Catholics, Muslims, Protestants, Hindus… There is not a single person that we would not recommend hiking the CLDT. There is only one prerequisite – that you want to do it. 🙂


Is CLDT a race?

NO! CLDT is not a race and it will never be one. This trail is a space in which people will live slowly, away from the noise of busy cities and stresses of everyday life. This trail is a trip to your inner self, where hikers will be alone with themselves, with their co-hikers and people they will meet along the way. But nobody is forbidden to fast hike or run the trail but we as Association feel that by doing so you will miss a big part of magic that comes with moving slowly along the trail.


Is CLDT part of HPS’s bypass?

No. CLDT is not Hrvatski planinarski savez’s project or classical mountain route to begin with. CLDT is fruit of love and labor of Association Udruga Long Distance Trail Hrvatska, which which operates in the field of international cooperation, environmental protection and nature.


Da li je CLDT marked?

No. CLDT in its initial stage will not be marked with official marcations/blazes. Association Udruga Long Distance Trail Hrvatska respects the tradition and efforts that Croatian mountaineers put in to mark and maintain mountain routes across Croatian mountains. At this point we don’t feel that additional visual contaminations (markings) will make a difference. CLDT will largely use existing hiking trails, appreciating the efforts of local hiking associations which have invested and still invest in these paths. In that way we are saying thank you for giving a change to traverse the trails that they maintain.

In sections of the CLDT where there are no hiking trails, we will try to mark the problematic intersections.


Will somebody profit financially off of CLDT?

No. Our association is a non-profit organization and any kind of monetization of trail is out of question! We are not entrepreneurs or directors, but we want to build something that will be free and and useful. That being said, as association, we support volunteer work and helping the hikers free of charge – so called trail magic. We try to distance ourselves from owners of businesses, consciously moving that segment  away from the organization of the Association but hikers can and should use their offers and services when moving along the trail, without Association acting as intermediary. Profit is not and should not be connected with a project such as CDLT. This trail must be deprived of particular interests, money and living at the expense of this project.


Do you need to collect stamps on the CLDT and tour the peaks?

No. CLDT is based on trust. It is an individualistic journey. Everyone walks for herself and there is no need to collect stamps, nor to prove anything to anyone. To start on the CLDT you will get a written passport certificate issued by the Long Distance Trail Croatia Association, and to confirm your good intentions to the people you will meet along the way that may be new to this kind of thing.


How can I help the hikers? What is trail magic? Who are trail angels?

Walkers are exposed 24 hours a day, they are often hungry, tired and injured, especially their feet. TRAIL MAGIC – magic of the trail, often appears along such trails, and the protagonists of this magic are called TRAIL ANGELS – angels of the trail. These people, without any material benefit, help walkers in a variety of ways:

  1. Offer them accommodation.
  2. Offer them food and drinks.
  3. Transport them from/to trail/nearby cities.

The concept is actually very simple – help how you know and can, walkers will appreciate it very much. In today’s world, we are somewhat forgetting that good feeling when you help someone without expecting a something in return. This is an excellent way to connect with people and see how little a man needs to be happy!


How can I become a part of this story?

Association Long Distance Trail Hrvatska is constantly recruiting new members and is looking for motivated people to join us and help CLDT become even better. Everyone is important and we welcome everybody’s help, suggestions, ideas, and endeavors. If you’re interested please contact info@cldt.hr and find out more.