Koprivnica – Donja Dubrava

This section is mostly finished and till now it is 72km long with 2.764m of ascent and 2.594m of descent. It is roaming through picturesque villages at the foot of Kalnik and over Kalnik mountain – extremely attractive for hiking, than over city of Ludbreg – well known to tourists as the center of the world, ending on the bridge across Drava river in Donja Dubrava.
Section E

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This is an apparent map on route Koprivnica – Donja Dubrava. Exact coordinates are still in the making. Current creation status of Section E:
Recorded coordinates:

Section E summary

km of distance
meters of ascent
meters of discent
days of walk

Special credit for making this part of the trail possible:

Miroslav Horvat


Fireman and a cook – admirer of American hiking and staying in nature nature concept, especially in trail angel and trail magic philosophy, and selfless helping and supporting hikers on their path.

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