Ilok (Liska) – Erdut

The beginning (or end) of the Croatian Long Distance Trail is at Liska on 141m above sea. Section is 48km long and surmounts 46m off ascent and 106m of descent. Route passes through city of Vukovar and Borovo Naselje which is bound to be a special treat to thru-hukers considering what this area offers – from gastronomic virtues, over natural beauty, to memorial sites.
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This is an apparent map on route Ilok (Liska) – Erdut. Exact coordinates are still in the making. Current creation status of Section A:
Recorded coordinates:

Section A summary

km of distance
meters of ascent
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Special credit for making this part of the trail possible:

Tihomir Klement

Entrepreneur, owner of publicity agency Lakota Ltd.
Advantage: age and experience. Admirer of nature and open space. A man from shadow, back-supporter with a long experience in organizing state and European sport events and tournaments. Believer – believes in idea of CLDT.

Boris Davčev Bimbo

Mountaineer for years, and a very good connoisseur of Croatian Mountain regions. Specialized in building and maintenance of mountain trails, leader of Samobor Scout Trail and licensed trail marker of Croatian Mountaineering Association.

Igor Nađ

Igor Nađ

Professional fireman of Public Fire Station Vinkovci, member of Croatian Mountain Rescue Association in Vinkovci and longtime mountaineer. Collected entire Croatian mountain stamp booklet, and some others.

For mountains and mountaineers – anything, anywhere, anytime…

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